Day: August 21, 2017

Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour in Houston TX

A riveting fusion of visuals, dance, music and fantasy that immerses audiences in Michael’s creative world and literally turns his signature moves upside down, Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour unfolds Michael Jackson’s artistry before the eyes of the audience. Aimed at lifelong fans as well as those experiencing Michael’s creative genius for the first time, the show captures the essence, soul and inspiration of the King of Pop, celebrating a legacy that continues to transcend generations.


THE IMMORTAL World Tour takes place in a fantastical realm where we discover Michael’s inspirational Giving Tree – the wellspring of his creativity. The secrets of Michael’s inner world are unlocked – his love of music and dance, fairy tale and magic, and the fragile beauty of nature.

The underpinnings of THE IMMORTAL World Tour are Michael Jackson‘s powerful, inspirational music and lyrics – the driving force behind the show—brought to life with extraordinary power and breathless intensity. Through unforgettable performances Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour underscores Michael’s global messages of love, peace and unity.

Take in a live concert tribute celebrating the music and eras of Michael Jackson’s entire career at King Michael: A Glorious Tribute to the King of Pop at Jones Hall on Saturday, June 28, 2014.

This multimedia theatrical tribute to Michael Jackson stars a cast of talented artists who portray the King of Pop at various stages of his career, from his time with the Jackson 5 to his remarkable solo work. They perform such hits as “Billie Jean,” “Beat It,” “Thriller,” “Smooth Criminal,” “Man in the Mirror” and more.

A supporting cast of singers, urban dancers, a beatboxer and a live band along with DJs, video footage and master percussionists helps recreate the magic of this phenomenal and iconic performer.

King Michael: A Glorious Tribute to the King of Pop