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The Bayport Cruise Terminal in Houston provides some of the finest, most modern and traveler-friendly amenities available today. Located on the western shores of Galveston Bay, Bayport Cruise Terminal’s proximity to fine restaurants and hotels and access to both regional airports, Intercontinental and Hobby, make it an ideal point of disembarkation. The state-of-the-art facility combines visual appeal, passenger convenience, accessibility and innovative security systems.

The Bayport Cruise Terminal is the closest cruise departure point to Houston, Texas. Located on Galveston Bay in the city of Pasadena, the Houston cruise terminal is about a 20 mile drive from Hobby Airport, and 43 miles drive from IAH (Bush) Airport. Princess Cruises started scheduling departures for November 2013, while Norwegian Cruise Lines scheduled their first cruise from Bayport for 2014.

04 December 2013 In Blog

 If you do not have a GPS, or a smart phone, or if you just does not want to rely on all the new and hip technology, and you are driving to the new Houston Bayport cruise terminal, please follow these direction for a smooth trip. 

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