04 September 2013 In Blog

Hobby Airport serves domestic destinations and has seen significant increases in passenger numbers over the past two years. With 9.84 million travelers in 2011, there is a good chance it will hit the record 10 million mark in 2012.

26 July 2013 In Blog

Passenger safety on cruise lines has been a hot topic lately after the occurrence of several incidents that have led to passenger deaths, emergency evacuations, and cancelled trips. The Cruise Lines International Association board has unanimously approved a passenger bill of rights that is designed to ensure the "safety, comfort, and care" of cruise guests. Reading through the list of rights, it appears the industry is putting in writing what passengers have expected all along.

23 April 2013 In Blog

Come November of this year, the Navigator of the Seas will sail into Galveston and call it home, for the winter months at least. It will be replacing Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas. But don't lose sleep over the change, since the Navigator is cut from the same cloth, so to 'speak. This means that when you sail on board the Navigator, all your favorites will still be there. You will still be able to have a pint at the Wig & Gavel on the Promenade; and you will still be wowed by the Olympic quality ice show. Schooners Bar will still be hopping' every night with a mean piano player cranking' it out on the ivories and taking the audience along for a
fun ride. And, of course, the Viking Crown Lounge at the pinnacle of the vessel, laden with commanding views from every seat, will still reign supreme over the entire ship.

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