Jon Limo

Jon Limo

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One of the most versatile artists in the industry today, Lady Gaga is highly popular for her distinct live performances. She rose to fame with her 2008 record “Fame.” Lady Gaga has since released three highly acclaimed albums and is ready to come up with the fourth one in 2014. Currently on tour, she will next be performing in Houston for which Lady Gaga Houston tickets are selling fast. She is a performer that lives to perform and always presents the fans with something new in each performance.

There's nothing quite like having a great night out on the town with your friends, however, things can often get out of hand when it's time to head home after partying with alcohol. Instead of scrambling to see who had the least drinks and is able to drive, instead arrange for limo rental services.

Hit the town in style with a limousine service. It sure beats friends as the designated driver. Get all your friends together to chip to rent limousines. Many people think that renting limousines is expensive; truthfully the process is very affordable indeed. Everybody in your group deserves the same opportunity to have fun and party hard. Hiring a professional limo driver not only allows you to enjoy a great time with your friends, but more importantly, avoid any chances of DUI.

Advantages of Hiring a Limousine Service

The benefits of hiring a limo driver are obvious, but worth spelling out. It goes beyond the financial impact of a possible DUI that can seriously affect your life, there's the possibility of injuring yourself or others in an accident. Driving under the influence is very dangerous.

Just a few alcoholic drinks can seriously impair your judgment and affect your natural reaction time. Driving after consuming alcohol puts your entire group and others in serious danger.

Being charged with DUI can get your driving privileges revoked and you will also incur some heavy fines. A DUI can affect your ability to be independent in getting yourself to work or school every day. A few moments of lapsed judgment comes with a heavy price. Don't take any chances; give yourself some peace of mind by using limousine service.

Fringe Benefits

There's nothing like VIP treatment everywhere you go. Enjoy the benefits of movie star treatment as you hit the town. Limos allow you the freedom to hop from bar to bar or nightclub to nightclub without worrying about wasting time looking for parking. Everybody can enjoy the peace of mind of leaving their cars at home and not parked on the streets ripe for thievery.

Of course at the end of the night, you don't have to worry about trying to remember where you parked in the first place. Hiring a professional driver allows all your friends to arrive at the party spot on time and with no drama. Take full advantage of affordable limousine services, you can party all night long and avoid many risks.


As most of you are aware, the 2014 "Offshore Technology Conference" kicks off 
Monday, May 5th and continues through Thursday, May 8th. Expect heavy vehicle 
traffic in and around the Reliant Park area, with the heaviest days being 
Tuesday and Wednesday. Parking lot gates are open for public at 6:00 AM each 
day. For your information, please see the following:

Cash Parking: Cash parking is available in Reliant Park's Blue, Green, and 
Yellow lots. Electronic Message Boards have been placed in the Reliant Park area 
to assist with way-finding. In addition, "OTC" is in communication with "Metro" 
to direct parking overflow to their "South Fannin" light rail lot, located on 
Fannin South of 610.

Taxis/Limos - All taxis and limos will either enter Gate 11 off of Kirby Drive 
which services the Reliant Center, OR, enter at Gate 6 off of the 610 Frontage 
road to service Reliant Arena. Staff will direct vehicles to the appropriate 
areas and a cab stand will be fully operational each event day. Please inform 
all drivers that picking up and dropping off along city streets and within lane 
closures is not authorized. Also, inform all drivers to follow the directions of 
Reliant Park police and staff.

METRO - The METRO ADA lift program will continue to pick-up and drop-off outside 
of the BHP entrance of Reliant Stadium. Light rail operations should expect 
heavy traffic from Downtown, South towards Reliant Park in the morning hours, 
and prepared for the reverse at approximately 1:00 PM each day. Also, expect a 
slightly higher number of patrons riding the rail from Fannin South.

TX DOT and the City of Houston- Way finding signs have already been approved and 
deployed throughout the region. Please inform me of any road construction, lane 
closures, etc... which may impact our traffic control plan.

HPD: Thank you for your continued support and please advise us of any concerns, 
traffic related or otherwise which have not already been expressed.

If anyone needs any other information, please feel free to contact me at any of 
the numbers (email is best) below.

Thank you!

Ryan Boros | Security & Parking Manager, SMG-Reliant Park
832.667.1453 | 832.667.3292 Fax | 713.539.8291 Verizon Wireless Cell
One Reliant Park | Houston, TX 77054





The City of Houston is one of the most diverse and dynamic metropolitan regions in the United States and a key aspect of that strength is the expansive level of global connectivity  made possible by international air service at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).  Houston’s flagship airport facility connects the city to almost 70 individual airports located across the globe and standing at the epicenter of this vital international operation is the Mickey Leland Terminal Building at IAH, otherwise known as “Terminal D.”

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