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Jon Limo

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Friday, 17 January 2014 16:32

Free Galveston Cruise Shuttle & Parking

If you are cruising out from Galveston Texas, the fourth busiest cruise port in the U.S, and you decide to come a day earlier to the island to avoid bad surprises if you fly on the same day as the embarkation; or if you just decide to come spend couple of days to explore the island’s many attractions and take advantage of the beautiful golf beaches and coastline before your big cruise trip, or If you’re looking to enhance your cruise vacation from Galveston and save some moneies you probably wonder which hotels offer free shuttle ride to the cruise port, or which one offer free parking with one night stay. There is a wide selection of hotel in Galveston Island, and many of them offer complimentary parking as well as a free shuttle to the port. 

I accumulated this list of hotels and categorized them based on free shuttle, free parking or both. And I also listed other hotels that does not offer the free shuttle, just for extra selection and information. Do not forget that the other hotel may offer a better rate, so look for the saving. I will update this list as soon as I called all the hotels to check if there are any changes.    

Wednesday, 01 January 2014 09:34

New Year's Eve Live in Houston


This year, don't use the kiddos as an excuse to spend NYE cooped inside four walls.In addition to several other kid-friendly New Year's Eve events, Discovery Green,located in the heart of Downtown Houston will throw the biggest family-oriented bash of the year.It's outdoors, it's free and it's sure to be an unforgettable time for the entire family.Below is everything you should know to make this New Year's Eve celebration go as smoothly as possible.

Thursday, 26 December 2013 05:26

Uber Can Save The Limo Industry.....Really !!!


Rogue apps are a serious threat to our industry, but they have also exposed luxury transportation to consumers who otherwise may have never considered it. The apps have done this at high prices, proving that customers are willing to pay a premium for convenience. If done intelligently, we can convert this threat into a series of advantages.

By harnessing advanced technology, and by using innovative social media marketing, rogue apps have become a threat that our industry cannot stop talking about. Users can book trips on their smartphones anywhere, anytime—and automated dispatching allows low cost operation. Rogue apps have used social media to portray our industry as the bad guy, while painting themselves as heroically battling an overly bureaucratic industry that hides behind politicians. But despite their apparent threat, rogue apps may actually save the livery industry—we can turn their success in social media, pricing strategy and technological innovation against them.


With all the modern technology that has flooded the market—to assist us in getting the client from point A to point B as quickly as possible, perhaps nothing has impacted us more than the advent of GPS. Unfortunately, no matter how sophisticated they make it, or how many technological upgrades we download into it, there is no GPS capable of showing us the correct path to building a successful ground transportation company. For that, we have to go “old school” and use a business road map, one that points out six important stops along the way as we rock on down that highway en route to creating a successful company. Buckle up.

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